Tachibana Makoto - Free! Eternal Summer Episode 13 

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Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last FF lol, so I decided Id make one for my birthday which is today, October 19th! I’m 14 now lol. *so young* Well yea I also hit 6.5k followers half way to 7k :D! Thanks so much for all the ask I appreciate them all even if I respond with the same response, it still means a lot that you took time out to say happy birthday to me ^^ - Sorry if I misspelled any URL’s ^^’ -

Free! - Young Iwatobi SC

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Anteiku Kaneki (´∀`)
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free! eternal summer - one gifset per episode

            └ episode 1

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don’t leave me here  a l o n e 

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Amagi Brilliant Park → Episode 03 

↳ Kanie Seiya
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Everybody loves somebody.
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Sensei’s kids cleaning up to welcome him back home~

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